How To Style A Coffee Bar

Our coffee bar is one of my favorite spots in our home. I love having a special little space designated for my addiction – coffee!

Coffee bars are all the rage right now. I have seen so many super cute ideas for creating these spaces, and I love how creative some people get with it. Though I often see people create coffee bars on their kitchen counters, I really didn’t want my precious counter space taken up. I’m kind of a weirdo when it comes to my counter space. 😉

Here is a little peek at the coffee bar in my house, the one I set up for my mom, as well some of my favorite products that you can use to create your own coffee bar!

My Home

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My Mom’s Home

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Items For Your Own Coffee Bar

1. World Market Drying Rack

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2. Mini Apothecary Vases


3. Galvanized Tiered Tray


4. Wood Tiered Tray


5. Wood K-Cup Holder 


6. Monogramed Mugs


7. Mini Starbucks Syrups


8. Stainless Steel Coffee Tin