Summer 2016 – Front Door

Hey, friends! It’s been almost 8 months….8 MONTHS since I last posted on my blog. While this makes me super sad in some ways, I also realize that it is just for a season. When I made the decision to go back to law school, I realized that I would not be able to do everything all at once, and sadly, my blog has been one of the things I have had to put on hold. Not forever though – just for a time!

Thankfully, it’s summer, and I am going to try hard to post a bit more regularly. I thought I would post some pictures of my summer front door. I always get asked for the color of our door – click here to see that post!

To be completely honest, our landscaping (ehemm…that term is used very loosely! More like lack thereof.) is nowhere close to where we want it to be. This is another one of those things that is on hold for right now – we can only do so much at one time! We have big (really really cool) plans for the future, but for now, I’m working with what’s there. I hope you enjoy the pics, and thanks for stopping by! XO

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