The Repurpose Design Series – Barn Wood Sideboard

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It’s week two of the Repurpose Design Series, and I am seriously so excited to finally show you all what I have been working on (with a little help from my sweet husband! ;)…) for the past few weeks! This sideboard is made entirely from salvaged wood legs, and salvaged barn wood.

This project was a bit of a beast, but we have definitely tackled worse! The most difficult part was working around the round legs, but Sam figured that one out like a champ! This whole experience has been such a great challenge for me, and it has pushed me to use materials that I might not typically use. I really hope this series helps prove that you can make beautiful things out of materials that others might just throw away. It is possible to decorate on a budget!

I have big plans for this beauty. I really wanted to get some pictures of this piece in our field, and I used a small portion of my vintage dishes to style it. I could not have gotten these awesome shots without the help of my husband, mom, and Nana. They helped me haul everything outside, set-up, and put everything away in the pouting rain. We were laughing like crazies, and I loved every moment of it…the things bloggers do for a good picture!  Haha!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I am so thankful for this little place to share my creativity. If you have a few minutes, please take a look at my sweet friends blogs listed below. They also created some amazing #salvageswagger projects, and I know you will be just as blown away by their creativity as I am.

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I am so thankful to be included in this fun series, and we would love for others to join in as well. If you are on Instagram, use the hashtag #salvageswagger for a chance to be featured on the Instagram feeds all of the bloggers mentioned above. We are picking winners weekly!