DIY Lemon Wreath

 I just love switching up my wreaths for different seasons. Wreaths can be so pricy, especially large ones! I almost always make my own, and I love using fun materials that add color to my home.

I saw a lemon wreath at Target a few months ago that I absolutely loved, but it was far too small for our front door and I just wanted something much bigger. As always, I set out to make my own. By using coupons at Michaels, I got the total cost for this project down to under $20.

I used one extra large grapevine wreath, two sets of leaves, and one bunch of 10 mini lemons. A whole lot of hot glue later – viola!

I am also honored announce that I was invited to be a part of Gina’s (head on over to her blog, Shabby Creek Cottage, if you haven’t already!) Summer Home Tour. Stay tuned for more of my summer projects, I can’t wait to show you what I have been planning for this!

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