DIY Window Seat & Bookshelves

As I have talked about previously, Sam and I finished out much of our barn home ourselves. We did everything from the design, to picking materials, to actually doing a lot of the labor ourselves. We did all of our own flooring, cabinet construction, painting, tiling (with help from a friend), laundry room countertops, and so on. We had no previous experience before this home – in fact, we had never even owned a home, let along taken on such major home projects! My husband and I are both extremely artistic, perfectionistic, and luckily have our winters off! We have learned so much about what we would and would not take on again, what’s worth DIYing, and what is not. We also learned so much about our own personal style.

One of the things I always said that I wanted in a home was a window seat. We also knew that we really needed more storage, and we felt that built-ins would be the perfect solution. That wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that these can be SO expensive to have built professionally. Sam and I quickly realized that this project, like so many of the others, would be something that we would just figure out how to do ourselves. We began by sketching out exactly what we wanted, taking measurements, and then we just went for it! Thankfully, everything turned out great!

I love having a little nook to sit in and enjoy my coffee, read a book, or just think. I also love the styling opportuities that the shelves provide, and all of the extra storage we have with the big drawers! Without further adieu, here are a few pictures of this new little space in our home! I hope you enjoy them!

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