Farmhouse Table Fun

I have shared with everyone in my home tour that we got our farmhouse table from Restoration Hardware. My husband and I began looking at tables before we even broke ground for our home. Our table functions as the center of our home, and some of our favorite memories have been created around our dining room table. We knew from the beginning that we wanted a very large table that could seat at least 10 people comfortably. We never thought it would be hard to find a table that we liked, but unfortunately, there are a whole lot of poorly made tables out there with CRAZY price tags! I know that there are a  lot of great DIY tutorials out there for building your own (so awesome – kudos to those of you who have done it!), but I also understand that not everyone has the time/desire to take on such a large project. I have searched high and low for you guys, and I am sharing some of my favorite farmhouse tables with you today.

1) Arcadia Extension Table – $549.99 (ON SALE!)


This table is definitely a favorite of mine! The trestle frame is to die for, and with a price tag that won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong! With the extensions in, this table is 96″ long, and seats up to 8 people.

2) Timber Dining Table – $1,699


With it’s silver leaf finish, this table is a fun mix of rustic and glam. We actually considered this table for our home, but it just wasn’t big enough for us. Just to clarify, at 84″ long, it is by no means a small table. I still love this table so much, and I think it is such a stand out piece!

3) Bento Dining Table – $1,519.99


This is such an awesome table, and I seriously would have considered it had it been available when we were looking for one! At 96″ long, this beastie is a big one! I just love the finish on this table, and I love that it is available in wood or metal.

4) Trestle 72″ Reclaimed Wood Dining Table – $668 (ON SALE!)


Though this table is a bit smaller, I just love everything about it. The legs on this little pretty are so darn cute, and I love that it is made from reclaimed wood! With a price tag that isn’t too hard to justify, this table is a win win in my book!

5) Emmerson Reclaimed Wood Table – $899-$1299 (depending on size)


 This last table is also one that we looked at for our home. I love all of the different colors in this table, and let me tell you – it’s beautiful in person! This one is available in three different sizes, and is also made of reclaimed wood. This table offers a matching bench if you are looking for that option (we love ours!) which is a nice little bonus.

As always, thanks so much for checking out my blog – I so appreciate it! Hopefully you found this post helpful. I know choosing a table can be tough, but hang in there! Once you find the perfect one for you and your family, you will be so very happy!